Welcome to The Hyper Local Agent

Do you ever feel like…

  • You would sell more homes if more people knew what you do for a living? 

  • You are the best choice for people in your community because you actually CARE about the outcome?

  • You could have presented a listing in a better light than the agent that listed it if only you had the opportunity to interview?

  • You can’t seem to figure out how to get in front of the right people just before they are looking to sell?

  • You would be more confident if you had a proven path to follow on how to become the Neighborhood Agent?

  • You would rather spend time with your family than worrying about how to pay the bills?

If you answered yes to any of these...keep reading!

Could you imagine…

  • Sellers reaching out to you to list their home

  • Landing listing after listing in your hyper local farm

  • Saving HOURS of driving buyers around everywhere if you could only work more locally and therefore allowing you do to more of what you love in life!

This is 100% possible for you – I know this because I’ve been exactly where you are now. This proven system will make you a Hyper Local Real Estate Agent and the Go-To Neighborhood Realtor!

I love Mom-Life but at the end of the day, I know that there is more I can do then make amazing snacks and change diapers!

I built a multiple 6-figure real estate business while also playing in the sandbox

and I am there for every single event, doctor appointment. lost tooth, birthday party, scraped knee and more!

My name is Janine Sasso, Founder and Owner of The Hyper Local Agent & Mailer Mom.

I help Entrepreneurs with young children like you develop branded content and tactics that will position you as the HYPER LOCAL EXPERT & have you have your kids along for the ride!

I share proven strategies to rapidly grow your business without missing a beat in your children's life!

I do believe with the right tools and systems, it's possible to built a thriving real estate business in a very demanding world without loosing sight of the people we do it for!

Ready to say goodbye to Mom-Guilt?

- Yours truly, Janine Sasso

So what is the purpose of the Hyper Local Agent?

Is this just another coaching program for real estate agents?

The short answer: NO!

The Hyper Local Agent is a Strategic Partnership for agents.

Not a brokerage affiliated hype model! But a true partnership for industry leading experts to link arms and grow their hyper local areas of expertise (and with that do more business and scale their business on a sustainable model that doesn't rely on paid ads, social media accounts or how many people you have in your network - but more on that later)

The real estate industry as a whole is not complicated. 

Meet people - make connections - Make the sale!

But why is it that some people are crushing it and others are failing? 

And the answer is focus & the right strategy that fits your personality.

Add to it, the power of knowledge you can get through collaboration, classes & courses, and you have a formula to success!

What's the difference between Coaching & a Strategic Partnership?

Strategic Partnership:

✔︎ Assumes you have a strong mindset and the focus is more on strategy & execution
✔︎ Co-Create or even create for you the resources that your business needs so you can focus on implementation in order to succeed faster
✔︎ Empowers you to show up for the calls when needed and respects your schedule & time
✔︎ Helping you choose the strategies to employ & guides you through the steps
✔︎ create content for you specifically based on your business needs


✖️ Coaches you on your mindset & focus on that as long as it takes
✖️ assumes you will create the resources needed in your business on your own
✖️ expects you to show up for your call weekly, biweekly or monthly depending on the amount of money you are willing to pay
✖️ suggest strategies to you and leaves the execution &and all the details to you to figure out
✖️ expects you to create content based on your business needs

Now here is the deal:

You will see me give you tons of opportunities to attend my free trainings and classes - about once a week to be exact at a minimum.

You will also see me invite you to workshops and classes that are not free but require a typically pretty low fee.

Give yourself the chance to grow your business, grow your dreams and live the life you have been meaning to live.

I can’t wait to grow with you!

P.S. Not sure where to get started?

My go-to recommendation to find out how I started to become The Hyper Local Agent in my area is to attend one of my free Bootcamps. You can get the details on that here: www.MailerMomBootcamp.com