Stop Dabbling and start Farming to explode your real estate business this year

I've been farming since 2016...

And I made a lot of mistakes (and also did a lot of things right!)

In the process, I documented the things that moved my business forward and developed a proven system that has helped agents across the country become known as the HYPER LOCAL AGENT EXPERT!


Speed up your results and get your next listing faster!

I got my first listing in my brand new farm in 27 days!

I packed the course with ALL THE THINGS you may need! Go ahead! Have a look at the fail-proof setup on the course structure below!

In this course you will be guided through 3 Core weeks

(it takes 21 days to build a habit after all, right?!)

Week 1 - Your Profitable Geographic Farm

This week is all about finding your RIGHT farm, with the RIGHT turnover rate and the RIGHT price point that will allow you to build a thriving business (and not just a surviving one!). We discuss mailing routes, online resources and more and will get you INTO ACTION guaranteed!

After week 1, most of our students have already received a monumental mindset shift!

Week 2 - The tools you need to succeed

Week 2 kicks off with a deep dive into your profitable geographic farm and really understanding WHO you are marketing to. Not only will we look at your geographic farm, but also at your business set up and get you more efficient (Spoiler: We are sharing how to get as much as 16 hours of additional work done without actually working more!). There is nothing held back and you are set up for success with real tools for the real world!

Week 3 - The modern twist to geographic farming

You know the area you are going to farm is profitable, you got the tools you need to succeed, now it's time to set yourself up for an unbreakable business that lasts. In this week, you will be discovering how to become the local expert that no other agent can compete with. This week is filled with resources and templates that you can take and get there a lot faster than most agents. What took me personally years, is distilled into one week! Now all you got to do is take action!

Week 4 - BONUS WEEK - Let's scale!

Week 4 is unlocking some of the best strategy to get off the hamster wheel! Discover how I have been able to scale my business by an approach that is known as ONE-TO-MANY marketing! I am showing you some of my best strategies that have allowed me to be present with my kids, build a thriving real estate business without loosing my sanity and continue to grow my marketshare - almost on autopilot!

Hi there! I'm Janine Sasso, Real Estate Agent and also owner of The Hyper Local Agent LLC

I fully believe that Geographic Farming is THE STRATEGY to create an UNBREAKABLE BUSINESS!

A business that withstands market shifts and trends because of one thing: HYPER LOCAL RELATIONSHIPS in your GEOGRAPHIC FARM!

I am currently outlisting agents with 30+ years of experience! They have more past clients, yet I have more listings! How? Geographic Farming!

And while I am finishing building the jumpstart course which will have a price tag of $497, I am going to give you an opportunity to pre-purchase it for BETA pricing of 60.1% off!

What is selling one house in your geographic farm worth to you in commission?

$5000? $7000? $10,000?

Get invested into your own business and take the Geographic Farming Jumpstart Course today to transform your business over the next 30 days!

Let's get Farming!

Check out some of the AHA's!
This agent was just saved from a costly mistake!

A farm with a 0.02%

(not a mistake - 1 house sold in the last 12 months!!!!)