In a NOISY WORLD, we need to STAND OUT!

Mailers let you build an empire during nap time...

Introducing: The Mailer Mom System for Real Estate Agents

What is it?

It's a Plug'n'Play System to get LISTINGS!

And don't we all need more of these right now?

There is a universal truth to the statement that you can service 3x as many listings as buyers!

And the frustration for buyer agents are very real in 2021!

Multiple offers are leading to bidding wars and endless offers being written that don't go nowhere!

What is wasted is your time and efforts!

I love working with buyers but it is not the ideal time to be reaping in the benefits as a buyer agent! Your expenses have doubled and tripled for them and the return remains the same.

So let's get those listings, shall we?

What do I get?

This is a 3-step System:

1.) Find your PROFITABLE FARM - we are showing you the exact steps to make sure you are seeing a return on your mailers

2.) SAVVY PRINTING SERVICES - I will show you how to find a printing service in your area for massive savings

3.) 12 of my PROVEN Mail Pieces as Templates - simply add your information and get them to the printer

This is as easy as 1-2-3 and there shouldn't be any more obstacles between you and the life you desire!

Build your Brand


Build your Empire


Build your Legacy

Here are just some of the strategies I will reveal to you inside the course:

✔︎ Find a Profitable Farm
✔︎ The #1 Conversion Event on Mailers
✔︎ The Savvy Printing Guide
✔︎ 12 Mailer Templates
Aquire your target

Most agents attempt to start a geographic farm and fall flat, leaving them frustrated and feeling like they wasted money! But not with our system! We will show you exactly how to make sure you are going to build traction!

Simplify for Success

Most often agents have great intentions but then they don't take action. The reason? They make it way more complicated than needed. We are sharing with you our easy 1-2-3 system! You can get it done during nap time! No joke!

Printing Cost too high?

We hear agents saying it's too expensive, but would you give me $1 if I give you $10 back in return? The answer? Well yes! I am helping agents cutting their printing cost while also increasing their return!

Proven Mail pieces that convert

Don't know what to send? Well, I've been there until I started building my template library. Now I just go in and select the template I want to use. And I am giving you access to 12 of my best templates to use! A true plug'n'play system!

Meet Your Real Estate Expert and Instructor

Hi, I’m Janine Sasso...

I am a 6-figure income earner in my real estate business and have built a successful following through videos and brand recognition and now want to help other Real Estate Agents and Small Business Owners do the same!
I have helped over 100 students within my first 9 months of bringing my coaching strategies online and I want to help you continue your momentum!
Continue the climb up your very own Mount Everest, so you can reach the top and finally live the lifestyle you dream of!

Mountain climbers don’t get to the top by themselves! They are searching for coaches and help along the way!

Don’t try to do it all yourself! Climb the mountain the smart way, with the right tools and the right people by your side!

So what’s the Mailer Mom System and how can it help you and your real estate business?

It's really as simple as using a Betty Crocker Cake Mix!

If Mailers have been on your list and you just haven't started or you are looking to tweak and improve, then I want you to join me!

The Mailer Mom System works!

It's simple to follow and the designs are proven and tested!

Check out what other people had to say:

Don't procrastinate!

Get your business up and soaring and earn your Mailer Mom Wings for more listings this year!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a subscription?
No, this is a one time fee that will give you access to the course and library. No recurring fees involved!

Can I preview the mailers somewhere?
We do not offer a mailer preview however the designs are proven and tested!

The mailers include the following design categories:

  • Back to School Bingo
  • Event Mailer 1
  • Event Mailer 2
  • Calendar Mailer
  • Restaurant Mailer
  • Vendor Mailer
  • Thanksgiving Mailer
  • Neighborhood Stats Mailer
  • Coloring Contest Mailer
  • Year in Review Mailer
  • Testimonial Mailer
  • Hot Market Mailer

Bonus Mailers:

(So you can swap any of the above out)

  • Local Heroes
  • Home inspection 

Is this course only for moms?

No, this course can be used by any real estate agent at any point in their career. I titled in Mailer Mom because it is the strategy that helped me build my business without sacrificing time with my kids. It will work for you if you are a dad, a grandma, a mimi, a mom, a grandpa, a smurf, etc.... :)